Joining The Purple Army Of Ice Poseidon

Ice Poseidon has recently released his purple army which is a gaming group that have grown in popularity across the game runescape.
ice poseidon swattedDue to recent SWATing of Ice Poseidon and him receiving a ban on Twitch, you can no longer join the purple army and there has been a large outcry by existing members for him to make the purple army more public and allow it to grow without Twitch.

Ice listened to the people and it seems as though he has moved across to Youtube streaming to provide his viewers with what they want, lengthy action filled content that is entertaining. In turn his viewers donate money to him every month and Ice has made quite a substantial amount of money from his streaming activities.

How Ice Poseidon Is Able To Stream?

When we interviewed Ice Poseidon on his gaming setup, he stated he spent a ton of cash on building his gaming setup. He was first made famous from a game known as Runescape which can be very demanding on the graphics and processor of your computer. In turn Ice stated that he built his gaming computer with help from TheTechInsider who were able to advise him properly on what components to go for, and how to build them properly so that he could have the optimal setup for streaming and playing video games.

Streaming also consumes a ton of time, it helps that Ice didn’t graduate any kind of university or college, and instead with a high school diploma decided to pursue streaming full time. We believe that this is a very wise decision as his estimated net worth is now thought to be well over six figures. Many people and other streamers admire the progress that Ice has been able to make. Streamers that are long time workers in this industry, such as Destiny explained how they are very jealous of Ice for his very quick progress in the streaming landscape.




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